When I Grow Up

As I settled myself down for some quiet time with my laptop, little H who was playing quietly with her dolls (well as quietly as any four year old pretending two naked Barbies are UFOs hell bent on crashing into each other while making whirring and gurgling sounds can be), I was about to log into Facebook and update my status which is rapidly becoming an addiction, when I heard "Mommy, what's your aim in life?" So I paused and tried to look thoughtful while my brain went into overdrive as it vainly tried to come up with a simple yet impressive answer. I finally remembered a life long dream to maybe write a book one day, so I said "I want to write a book one day"

If I thought that would impress her, I was mistaken. The look of disgust I got will stay stamped in my memory forever. "Haven't you written a book yet? I've already written so many." (Snotty little thing isn't she?). But I decided to boost her self esteem some more instead of shooting her down with an explanation of how all my notebooks full of scribble and stick figure pictures do not constitute as properly published books on the New York Times Best Seller list. I said instead "That's wonderful sweetie." And I was rewarded with a smile which made me forget my earlier intention of making a rude face at her.

After a few moments of more whirring and gurgling sounds I heard "When I grow up I want to be a doctor." Nothing stops a mother from posting stupid comments on her Facebook friends' walls faster than her child's extremely confident and clearly stated aim in life. (well that and blood curdling screams from remote parts of the house). A doctor! My daughter wants to be a doctor! "How the hell will we pay for that kind of education?" is quickly pushed out of your head with more pleasant thoughts of "She'll support us in our old age."

"That's fantastic sweetie!" I beamed at her while she smiled even more sweetly, before snapping off one of the Barbies' heads.

Then, I turned to B who was sprawled on the rug, also making whirring sounds while he tracked his monster truck along an imagined path and asked "What are you going to be when you grow up B?"

"Lightening McQueen" he grunted.


Sheila said...

OMG, Anne, she's you! In miniature! ROTFL

Michelle said...

LOL .. I love your kids. I hope H DOES grow up to be a DR !
B we have to work on .. lol