The Twin Parenting Experts!

I could rant about this all day. I used to think the questions and comments from stupid people, or the well meaning ones, would eventually stop because I have b/g twins, and most people wouldn't notice they're twins anymore. But once they started school, it's become almost unbearable the way people just won't shut up. "How do you get them both ready in the morning?" "Are they in the same class?" "Will you separate them later?" "Why didn't you separate them in the beginning?" "Which one is more intelligent and does better in school?" "Do you feel you're giving them enough individual time when they have homework?" Blah Blah Blah... Even their school's new librarian asked me if they were twins and how it would be wonderful if I spent time with them separately reading, because "they're individuals".

Seriously? They're individuals? I NEVER realized that! Since they're multiples I've only ever treated them as one unit. It's not only easier, but it saves money too. Why feed them two meals in one sitting when I can just divide one meal in half? I also leave one naked and keep one dressed every day, so I have less laundry at the end of the week. Pity I can't do that with their school uniforms. But such is life. Sigh!!

And why should I give them individual time? That's nonsense! They were conceived together, and really, we didn't do it twice or anything that night, were womb mates, were born within the same minute, shared a crib, a house, toys, meal times... Why should it be any different now? They're TWINS, they must be together forever and always. One unit, one being, one life! The end!

As for the experts on parenting?.... And more so the experts on parenting multiples, who are usually people who have only encountered multiples on TV shows like National Geographic or Zack and Cody, OK maybe some stuff by the Olsen twins too. Having watched these shows, they feel they know everything and give out advice freely. "You should try this" "You should do that" You should shut the hell up before I drag you to the nearest IVF clinic and pay them to implant you with the maximum.

My husband laughs, and I laugh with him, but I save the rants for my blog because I have to let it out somewhere. If I don't I'm likely to let it out while they're around to hear me, and that wouldn't be pretty.

I like to think I'm a good parent, or at least one who tries her best to be one. Every day I learn something new just like anyone else. I am not a freak and neither are my children. We parents of twins and other higher order multiples face the same day to day challenges as other parents. OK so maybe we're better at multi-tasking than mostt (OK OK, we just like to think we are, it's all we have really so please back off) but we're really not that different, and we don't want to be treated as such. Your questions are welcome of course, but PLEASE stop sometimes and think about how stupid it sounds in your head before you let others hear it. And for those times when you just NEED to know... try Google.


Brook said...

LOL LOL I just posted on facebook how I hate the whole "Double Trouble " comment. I actually have gotten to saying that the stranger looks like more like trouble than my boys!

Lisa C. said...

hahahahaha Well.. you've just completely wiped all hope I had of these going away... i was hoping it was just a phase while they're young...

BTW.. I about peed myself when you commented about leaving one naked for less laundry... hehehe..

Since you've bestowed MUCH needed laughter my way, I only hope the same for you..

Lynette said...

HAHAHHA great..
Handling one kid can be hectic sometimes..
don't know how you guys juggle two..
Good one.. :)

Work at Home Mom said...

As a mother of 17-year-old twins, I can so relate. Mine are fraternal, so as they got older, the questioning dropped off, thank God. It does get tiresome.

cenzluccsmom said...

LOL!! I loved your rant! So true! I have fraternal 2 yr olds boys and get such crazy questions. They look nothing alike, but this old lady at the mall came up to us and ask me how I tell them apart and I said well...they are fraternal and they do have different hair and eye colors, one wears glasses and there is a 4 inch height and 5 lb weight difference, and I am their mom. But the lady insisted I should get our doc to do a DNA test because they MUST be identical!!!!