Give Me Chastity and Continence, But Not Yet.

There are many people who claim they're "saving themselves" for marriage, or "saved" themselves for marriage. From partaking in sex that is... Which I really find very hard to believe most of the time, and not because I was a slut or anything, regardless of what my former neighbors may tell you. They're really just jealous because they never got laid.

Anyway, I think this mindset is mainly a religious thing. There's probably some verse in some holy book which confirms that it's a small but very important part of being an honorable human being. So I guess the people who take that as law would abide by the instruction and abstain from sexual intercourse before marriage.

I guess it's a sweet enough sentiment and all that, giving the "gift of virginity" to your husband on your wedding night. I gave my husband a watch. Plus a commitment that while I would drool over pictures of Brad Pitt and other sexy male celebrities, and the occasional gorgeous male butt I came across in public, I wouldn't sleep with them. He was very grateful, and still is very grateful. Apparently, I'm great at keeping a promise. And of course there was the sex too.

I often wonder, what the point is of "saving" yourself from something, you're just going to indulge in anyway, almost as soon as you say "I do." So...

Abstainance: Not allowing yourself to get fuck*d till you allow yourself to get fuck*d.

This definitely heads the list in my book of the most idiotic things a person can do to themselves.



terrence said...

In our part of the world. Yes even though I live in the US, but I still consider Pakistan part of my world. Having said that, in our part of the world it is a religious, a cultural and a fear of the family that has been pounded into our tiny hearts at a very young age. We were told masturbation is a sin...Really??? took the fun right out of self pleasure. Had to find a dark corner and hope that God was too busy watching other sinners and not watching me. For women it is difficult she gets labeled as a slut (sad but it is still a man's world). Our parents were raising us to be Nuns and Priest, hoping that we would really become one, but the minute we figure out you can have sex in marriage we all opt for Anne, Joni and I both think you are a fantastic writer, keep on writing.

Christine Vyrnon said...

Enjoyed reading this post. Always good to find women willing to call BULLSHIT on topics such as these. All too familiar with the "saving oneself" scenario... or used to be familiar with the scenario.

... thanks for the FB comment too.