A Class Above

So children, the topic today is classism and the elitist mindset. I don't even know where to begin, because there is an endless field of crap I'd have to wade through to find out where it all began in the first place. So, in my typical style of not really giving a rat's ass about history, and why this is this, and that is that, I'll just jump right into the middle of it all and point out the bullshit I see around me.

Right now, we're living in a nation which is rapidly approaching hell's fire. People are dying, thousands are suffering the after effects of the floods, the fanatics are getting more fanatical, target killings are an everyday occurrence, people are scared, people are resigned, people are leaving the country, and some people are tweeting about Meher Bokhari being a fundi bitch, and Veena Malik is telling all the mullahs to back the fuck off.

But, it's important for some to remind themselves, and others of who they are, and what they come from. How they sit far above the rest, and either tut tut at those they see as beneath them, or do what they can to exploit, abuse, and ridicule them.

An otherwise pretty entertaining blogger, was the straw, that broke this camel's back. Why? Because, he's privileged enough to have attended the best fucking school in the whole nation.


The one where everyone retains their place if they have "perseverance, excellence, and a dash of style." according to the blogger.

Notice no mention of daddy's bank balance, and feudal background.

Or mommy's social standing in some big shit, fuck-the-people-this-is-about-luncheons charity organization, where they spend more money on organizing their annual dinner/dance, than they do helping the poor in a decade.

So, in essence having the one school in Pakistan, where it is imperative to be the best academically just so you can retain your seat, is actually a good thing.


How is it good? Wouldn't it be better if it was one of the best? (Calm down Patricians, this is not about you... not in this post anyway) And, there were many more like it? Maybe in every district? You know just so that ALL the kids in this country had the chance to strive?  Or maybe even had a chance at education without it having to be a money making business? Hey, how about every school retaining good academic standards?

Or, are poor kids living in slums, going to public schools, going to low fee private schools, going to crap ass schools, all a bunch of idiots?

Maybe they're just not worthy.

Because, if some kid off the street was given admission in KGS, how would his parents afford the fees? How would they pay for his college tuition in North America? OMG would they send their child to school on a public bus? Or worse, on foot?

Never! Privileged kids should never see that kind of stuff. It may make them aware of *gasp* poverty!

Or the middle class.

Academic standards, my ass!

They take in the best, from the richest (or those who do a good job of pretending to be rich) and retain their "high standards." It's common knowledge, and it's disgraceful to see it being lauded over everyone else, by some very naive people, who prefer to live in denial.

This is not about whether KGS is the best school or not, because it's a great school. 

But, seriously former students of KGS (some of you) and other elitists schools. Get off your steeds. If you were fortunate enough to get the education you got, do something more than just lauding it over others.

Like I said to the blogger in his comments section. One need not elevate themselves/put others down to take pride in what they come from.

These are the kind of people, who continue to help this nation remain in the sorry state it is in. I can't say that enough. Because, hey enjoy their comforts, and status too much. They have to be the best, have the best, and keep the best for themselves. And, the only way they can do that, is if they keep everyone else down. Whether they realize they're doing so, or not.

But, it's nothing to be proud of.

P.S. Home of the Snapping Turtle (link in my blog roll) is an otherwise pretty entertaining blog. Just because I disagree with the blogger today, is no reason why I shouldn't promote the little brat.


Cinderella is a Bitch... Poor Cinders!

So, again... Hyper moms worried about the little phases their kids go through, in the corporate world's attempt to take over our childrens lives, and ruin them completely.


But, it's really our daughters we should worry about, well because you know... Some feminists say so. Beware of the pink, the fluffy, the glitter... The goddamn Disney princesses!! They will eat your daughters, as Peggy Orenstein so dramatically tells us.

Cinderella is a bitch!

Protect your daughters people, because girls need to be protected right? They're weak, easily influenced, not like boys who are tougher and never want to grow up to be princes, or knights in shining armor. Not since that little fucker Lightening McQueen zoomed onto a screen, and forever changed the way little boys view their body parts anyway.

My daughter likes pink, and purple. She also like princess dresses.

And, dirt.

But, according to Peggy, it's only possible for girls to play in dirt wearing princess dresses.  

“Just because little girls wear the tulle does not mean they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. Plenty of them shoot baskets in ball gowns or cast themselves as the powerful evil stepsister bossing around the sniveling Cinderella.”   

Umm ball gowns? 

This is how she views females?

I have nothing more to say about that, because the purpose of this post was to list the evil commercial world's plot to take over my son's brain, and turn him into a cartoon character. I've witnessed so many phases in my son's life of six years, I'm actually terrified he'll become "confused" when he grows up... Because...

  1. Diego Ate my Son
  2. Lightening McQueen Ate my Son
  3. Spiderman Ate my Son
  4. Batman Ate my Son
  5. Multiple Personality Disorder, aka Ben10 Ate my Son
Hell, at least my daughter will look pretty in her ball gowns. My son on the other hand, will grow up to look like this if he had his way.

What is the color pink compared to that?

Any feminists care to create a stink about that?

And, can we PLEASE let kids be kids... When they're kids?
Thank you!


Mad, Mad World

A few days into the new year, and Pakistan was shaken with yet another mindless incident, where a governor was gunned down by his own security guard for being "guilty" of standing up for minorities. 26 bullets were pumped into the governor by his assassin, who then grinning from ear to ear turned himself over to the police.

And, then all hell broke loose.

Clerics rejoiced, the masses danced, while moderates wept... And, the liberals tried to stop opening and closing their mouths like goldfish, suddenly jerked out of a crystal bowl, on a Queen Anne table.

The Christians crossed themselves several times, and gave masses.

Twitter was all abuzz, and so was Facebook... With fanatical MBAs defending the security guard, and lauding him as a hero. Old people tweeted about their sadness, and were ignored, moderates indulged in embarrassing displays of damage control, and some liberals recovered fast enough to hammer out tweets of disgust with a vengeance which was startling. There was much gnashing of teeth, and use of the word "Jaahil." 

The Indians had the time of their lives throwing fuel on an already blazing fire, Americans ignored the danger of fundamentalists in their own country, and slammed Islam, I don't know who told the people of France , that tweeting to the Pakistani public in French would be a good idea, but it happened, and got even more confusing. Then, not to be outdone, the atheists grabbed the opportunity to repeatedly declare religion a menace.

The world had gone insane.

Several days later, the madness still blazed on, as thousands took to the streets to protest an amendment to the nation's blasphemy laws. Of course, the PM is still bouncing around on TV, trying in vain to assure the rightists that no laws will be amended. Moderates are calling for peace through dialogue, and much quoting of scripture, and liberals are determined to be heard via blogs, Facebook status updates, and tweets hash tagging Pakistan, in what seems to be a contest to keep our country on Twitter's Top 10 Trends. They have suggested everything from banning Madrassas, to designating an island for maulanas and their minions, somewhere in the East Indies. After decades of standing by, watching their country being raped, simply because it benefited most of their capitalist mindsets, they have found their voice.

Bravo Liberals!

Safe to say that most liberals in the country belong to the upper classes?

Who have neglected to take responsibility for the state of this nation for too long. And, here is their payback, biting them hard in the ass. Poverty is a nasty word, and it belongs to the masses here in Pakistan. No one else wanted it, and everyone distanced themselves from it. Except the fanatical clerics, who knew a good thing when they saw it. Christians have done it for 2000 years, and who doesn't borrow from the Christians right?

So they (the clerics) opened their religious schools, fed poor children, probably housed their families, while the upper classes turned a blind eye and went shopping. Are they really surprised as to whom the masses have pledged their allegiance to? Are they really that stupid, as to NOW be blaming fanatical clerics, when they've been a thorn in our side for decades? Do they really have the right to call this nation "Jaahil" when they've done little or nothing to change things for the better? 

Did they pay taxes?
Did they fight for education reform?
Did they fight for childrens rights?
Employees rights?
Human rights?

What are they ranting about? 

We are as much responsible for the state of this country, as the fanatics are.

All of us.