I Judge Other Moms (My List of Mammas I Love to Hate)

After being a mom for four plus years, I've come across my fair share of new-age moms, all raising their children in the modern world. But each of them I feel resorts to being a certain kind of mom for whatever reasons... This isn't about the reasons behind their behavior but just a general observation over time, which has led me to keep a list of the types of moms, I just frickin love to hate. Be warned, you're probably not going to get more judgmental posts than what follows over the course of the next few weeks, on this blog. So, if you can't stomach it, or feel you may fall into a category I list, and you hate that thought... stop reading.

Here's the list (updated when I have time to write them out).

The Obsessive Twin Mamma
The Super Kid Mamma
The Spineless Wimp Mamma
The Frickin Perfect Mamma
The "OMG I'm a NEW Mamma"
The Super Hot & Sexy Party Mamma
The OCD Mamma aka Rapidly Burning Out Mamma