Cute, Cute Conversations!

It's been such fun listening to them speak to each other and some of their conversations leave me in stitches! I call this one the "Disney Fan Club Conversation"

B: Hi Daisy
H: I'm not Daisy, I'm Minnie
B: Hi Minnie
H: Hi Mickey
B: I'm not Mickey, I'm Goofy
H: Hi Goofy

Hilarious!! They are so adorable when they're being nice to each other, which is becoming more rare as the days go by.. **sigh**. They argue/fight over almost everything it seems, and I'm so tired of playing referee. I'm hoping it's a phase which passes SOON!!

H had an interesting conversation with me today. While I was cooking lunch she wandered into the kitchen and asked me what I was cooking, so I said "chicken and rice".... then the conversation went:

H: That's nice mommy, did you put peas in it? (Recently they've both refused to eat peas)
Me: No peas hun
H: You should put peas in that mommy
Me: Really? You like peas?
H: No, but grandma says it's good for me....... you should put peas in that. (Nods her head and walks off).

Now if only grandma would tell her that throwing tantrums is NOT good for her LOL.