OK, so I'm almost done with Breaking Dawn, (fourth in the Twilight series) now because the need to know what was so appealing in these books finally got to me. It's interesting enough... good story line too. BUT I DO NOT SEE the fascination with Edward Cullen. WHAT appeal for the love of all things magical? NOTHING, nada, zilch. Not for me at least.

Edward frickin Cullen is. a. CONTROL freak, so what's to like? He's 17 physically and over 70 mentally, and he falls for a 17 year old virgin? What's to like? He all but destroys the best part of her teenage years, so what's to like? His skin is like marble... Marble? Couldn't there be another word to describe skin? What's to frickin LIKE? I am totally convinced that any female who find this character so completely intoxicating has a few marbles loose, or is about 14 mentally with no exposure to the real world. Sheesh!

And Bella is insane. NO life. Edward this, Edward that. Edward spend every night with me watching me sleep, then be with me in school all day, then come home with me and stay till you have to leave, then sneak in my window and repeat last night. I don't want friends, I don't want an education, I don't want a relationship with my parents (but I will cook food for my father every night for some stupid reason) Oh and I want to have sex with you but I have to wait because you want me to wait till we're married. And WHY? Because you clearly do not move with the times my lovable marble like maniac... You're a blood thirsty killer, BUT, you think chastity is important before marriage.

Arrgh... I see a series of Twilight posts coming up in the next week or so. I have to rant it out here... J is so sick of listening to me snort with disgust, spit tacks and spew my immortal venom at him when I can't keep it in any longer.



Jenny Georgio-who said...

Okay Okay Okay.... I'm not finished with New Moon yet so I shouldn't have read this post. At least I'm getting the impression that he comes back.

But I agree with your regarding the obsession with Edward Cullen. I think that Rob Pattison is one hot mofo (minus the first scene in Twilight that we see him and he suffers a serve case of "GayFace".

I think the character is really unique and what draws people in is the way that he speaks. I know thats what really got my attention. When you read the book and see how things are worded and how he feels when he says them...Ahh. His appeal is that he loves Bella so much he won't eat her :) The ultimate sacrafice!

Mike Casey said...

Do any guys read these books? I would read them if I found three legitimate heterosexual men who were fans of the book. Otherwise I wouldn't even consider reading them.