There Is No Mute Button Is There?

On the way to school, during an argument about traffic lights which didn't make sense to me because all I heard was No, yes, I said NO, you're wrong, Am not, are too, NO, YES, thump, thump, thump, YES, NO.... Which led to...

Me: OK now, everyone QUIET
H: How long do we have to stay quiet?
Me: Till we reach school
H: All of us?
Me: Yes
B: Who taught you to be quiet mommy?
Me: Grandma
H: Did her mommy teach her to be quiet?
Me: Shhhh Quiet
H to B: I think grandma learned to be quiet all by herself
B: Me too... Hey do you think grandma taught daddy to be quiet too?
H: I dunno... Mommy, did grandma teach daddy to be quiet?
Me: No, his mommy did
H: Was he five years old then?
Me: No, now be quiet
B: But we've almost reached school
H: We're almost there, we're almost there
B: Can we talk now mommy?
Me: ***sigh***

Why didn't they each arrive in this world with a remote control? Why?