Thank Goodness It's Over!

I just got done with reading Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight saga. And, I'm so happy because my curiosity has been sated and mainly because I never have to read those books again. My initial rant a couple of days back was just that, a rant. Now, I'm just uneasy thinking about all those young girls who are obsessed with these books (having not read other books to begin with). I don't know what this Meyers chick was thinking sending out all these ridiculous messages all wrapped up in "perfect love" to teenagers.

Rarely do I have a problem with books, and I'm completely against banning them and all that crap, but seriously... Apparently 85% of teen girls think this series is based on a true story? WHAT? And, there are mothers who have bonded with their daughters because of this series? Is that how shallow grown women have become? Or is this whole marble cock crazy shit going too far?

What is wrong with those stupid women?

They consider this whole control shit acceptable. This Edward vampire completely taking over a teenage girl's life, sneaking into her room to watch her sleep, listening in on her conversations, all but choosing her friends, telling her where she can and cannot go, following her around, having his family hold her captive in his house is nice? It's love? He's supposedly protecting her from all sorts of dangers when he himself is the biggest threat to her... WTF?

The character of Bella is pathetic... 100% completely and totally pathetic. She has zero self-esteem (even though she can clearly make friends within minutes and have half the guys in school falling all over her as soon as they see her) and considers herself too plain and downright sad compared to the startling beauty of her 17 year old male vampire love interest. And she can't live without him... Nope, not a chance. The first time she falls in love it's completely OK to want to give up her entire life for this guy, and not have the ability or desire to live without him. Cliff jumping is clearly the way to go when your boyfriend dumps you... because you couldn't manage to kill yourself by restoring and riding a motorcycle. Again WTF?

Later, they wait to have sex till they're married (even though she doesn't WANT to get married, but he forced her so what the hell, she'll just do it because he's the bestest) and on their honeymoon, covered in purple bruises after their night of love, she's happy and wants to do it again. Hmmm I can SO see myself "bonding" with my daughter over something like that.... NOT.

On and on it goes, with this sad, sad girl supposedly making her own choices, which are really not choices at all, just idiotic bullshit at it's finest. She gets knocked up by her vampire husband and decides to risk her life to have the baby/vampire. Is it just me or is there some serious religious bullshit being shoved down young girls throats in this saga?

A love story aimed to interest this generation, some light and fun reading for the millions of young girls out there. Two characters who captivate their prey as they were meant to, with a blend of fantasy and just the right touch of familiarity to keep them hooked. As a woman who has loved, lost and loved again, I find it ludicrous. As a parent I find the messages in there a little chilling.


Jenny Georgio-who said...

I'd seriously think about putting the word *SPOILER* in your blog titles if you are going to talk about what happens in the series!

Thank god I stopped reading when I realized you were giving away the rest of the series! Wasn't so lucky yesterday!

Mike Casey said...

I agree with Jenny that a "Spoiler" alert is probably appropriate. I know some people are hopelessly obsessed with them. But if it strengthens parent-child relationships (in this case mother-daughter), isn't that a good thing. I mean, I've seen parents and their kids do stupider things together before.

Don't Be a Slut said...

Haven't read the books yet, but I find your take provocative and interesting.