And I Cry... And I Cry.... And I Frickin CRY!

I really do believe I have become the world's biggest wuss bucket. During my pregnancy many moons ago I went through the normal hormonal changes and would get weepy when I saw pictures of cute babies, puppies playing together and even diaper packs. Then when my twins were born, I cried the normal tears when they cried, or looked particularly adorable in their co-coordinating outfits, or when they woke up at 3:00am after sleeping for an hour. Nothing strange about that as I'm sure most mothers will agree.

But now four years later, I'm still crying for the most ridiculous things. What's up with that? Why in the world should an episode of According to Jim make me weep? Why does watching a contestant on American Idol making it through the audition with a yellow paper make me tear up with joy for them? Why do I read something funny on Looky Daddy and think "Awww what a sweet funny man he is" and then bawl like a baby? Where is my spine? Why are my tear ducts not doing their job? When did I become so pathetic?

I used to have some spine, I could watch all the chick flicks and mostly rolled my eyes at how stupid other women were for crying when Demi Moore finally believed in Ghost. I didn't even shed a tear when my husband proposed, but then the ass took me by surprise and I went into shock. Still, I didn't cry at my wedding either, so that proves I was a hard ass right? I mean which woman in her right mind does NOT cry at her wedding when she's gazing into her husband's eyes and saying those over rehearsed vows she agonized for hours over and her husband will never remember the words? Which woman doesn't cry during the first dance while she's singing the lyrics to the song she fought tooth and nail to have played for that dance? Maybe a few... like me.

So, it's shocking that I cry for the most ridiculous things now and wish I could stop doing it. It won't be long before my husband leaves me for being a spineless waife.... Waife? Ha! Or starts looking around for a more ballsy woman. Not that he's that shallow or anything, and he knows I'll kill him several times should he ever wander. But still, you get my point. I need to be stronger when watching breakfast commercials or credit card commercials come to think of it. Even those make me cry.

I'm such a pussy! Sheesh!


Brian said...

My wife cries when she reads Looky, Daddy!, too. But for probably different reasons. Sigh.

Siri said...

Oooh, Anne....A celebrity!

Who can't relate to Looky, Daddy!?

Just another 'JEEZ-ITS' fan....

Lynette said...

Finally getting down to reading all of them and they are brilliant..
Can't believe this though..
A metamorphosis has taken place.. where is the old Anne.. ;)