Sometimes Mommy Bloggers Forget to Blog!

For a couple of months. LOL

I cannot believe I just stopped blogging. Actually, I can. November and December were such busy, stressful months. I was bogged down with tons of occasions, events, school activities and of course the whole holiday season madness.

Starting with my birthday on November 11 (happy birthday to me) which as a small affair at home because I had the twinlets birthday coming up in two weeks and of course was busy planning, planning and well, planning. They wanted a party in school with all their friends, so on the 21st we sent in party boxes for 22 kids chock full of giant cupcakes, other snacks and juice. Then on the 23rd (Sunday) we had a family luncheon at home which continued till 6:00pm so naturally I had no time to recover before the school week began with all it's practices for their Sports Gala which was scheduled for early December.

The sports event went off great with both of them participating in races and the Walk By. B was also selected for the TaeKwon Do display and I've never been more proud of my boy.

My mom left for Oman on December 06, to spend the holidays with my sister and her family, while we started to get into the holiday season. It wasn't the same without her here but we had a blast decorating, making cookies and shopping. The kids appreciated Christmas like never before, and for them the whole holiday was one big joyride of fun, presents, more fun and tons more presents. Sigh... to be a child during Christmas!

The New Year has been quiet and so far very good. But it's early yet so I expect there'll be lots of interesting things to come in the months ahead. I just wish we get to experience all that in peace and no conflict in this country of ours.

I plan to upload a slideshow and share some pictures of Seek & Destroy fromt the last two months. Hopefully, I will be able to do that this week........... unless I forget about this blog again. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a year of peace and happiness.


Lisa C. said...

it's ok.... I feel like that sometimes too... hahahaha