Ruling the Roost!

I've noticed since Seek and Destroy turned four, they for some odd reason now consider themselves the authority on everything. This simply does not sit well with me, since I've always considered myself the authority on everything... probably also since my fourth birthday. I'm sure my mom will agree, but this isn't about me, it's about them. You know, those two little twinlet 'know it alls' I have running around my house refusing to eat otherwise favored veggies because according to them veggies are junk food. Asking why they think that would be pointless as any parent of young children knows. But, against my better judgement, and also because I like to hear my kids speak sometimes, I asked "Why?" and got the following answers:

B: Poatoes are JUNK FOOD (he likes to yell out important words and terms) because they become chips and chips are JUNK FOOD.

H: I hate brocoli and that's why it's junk food. (As you can see, this one prefers the direct approach.

So thus ended the discussion of why they won't eat certain vegetables anymore, and made me hunt around on Amazon for the Deceptively Delicious cookbook I keep hearing rave reviews about, even though deep down I know they'll figure it out after a couple of meals because , well... I'm just blessed with such intelligent kids.

Then there's the absolute know it all attitude about everything. "We should always watch TV before we do our homework because it's good for our eyes" or "Daddy always has money in his wallet even when he doesn't have any money" (They know about the debit cards dammit) and "You're the best mommy in the whole world, mommy and you never yell at us." OK, OK, I made the last one up, but the other ones are just too horrible to mention.

Of course there are some things only mommy would know, and they humbly ask me the important questions such as "Why do cows have four legs and longer tails than dogs?" "Why does my teacher have smaller boobs than you do mommy?" "Are the clouds peeing because they drank too much water?"

And to think when they were almost two and only babbling, I used to worry they'd have speech problems.


Lynette said...

Gosh I can just about picture them saying all those things..

pomermomer4=3 said...

I thought that I was the only mom that gave her son special nick-names (lol) you are TOO funny. Thanks for the laugh.

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