Must You Match?

Curiouser and curiouser I get about married couples who like to wear matching clothes. It also grates on my last nerve when I see them dressed up all spiffy and nice in color coordinated ensembles. There's a particular couple I have in mind, or rather can't get out of my mind because of the incessant pictures I come across of them both wearing matching outfits. OMFG, they would be hilarious if they weren't so pathetic. She wears a yellow dress, he wears a yellow tie.... if her shoes have polka dots, so will his shirt. WTF? And they are not in their seventies, now that would probably be cute, what with their white hair and soft folded skin. But people in their thirties? Come on! It's just plain weird, not to mention loserish.

Who in the world would want to match with their husband, or wife for an event which is not their own wedding? Who? The last time I dressed up in my signature I-can't-think-of-anything-else-to- wear-and-can't-be-bothered-to-go-through-my-entire-closet black cropped pants and a sleeveless top, and saw my husband also dressed all in black, I almost insisted he change his clothes.. But didn't because we were already late. I honestly felt like a freak for the rest of the evening, and maybe spent time with him in two minute intervals. OK I'm exaggerating, I spent almost all my time with him like the dutiful wife I am. But really... It's not like I planned our outfits weeks in advance or spent hours sorting through ties which matched my pumps. Who the fuck does that? Attention whores, that's who. By the way, you tarty dressed to the nines moms still gasping in shock that I don't plan my outfits weeks in advance, shut the hell up, some of us don't have nannies or hands on grandparents available to babysit, while we spend days in clothing stores.

So, back to matching couples, in their thirties. They really need to only do this crap at Halloween or fun dress up parties, or maybe Christmas pictures. And REALLY not drag their kids into their whole kinky shit with the whole bridal party look. It's insanity! Look at us, we're a family of individuals, just call us the Von Trapps. Blech!


Michelle said...

This blog made me smile. There's an elderly couple that I have seen for years that match ALWAYS and its the cutest thing. I imagine they did this in their 30's as well .. but I agree .. I might be annoyed if it weren't for them being elderly.

Debi said...

There's a couple at the health club who do this... and being in their 20s, they have the potential for MANY decades of annoying others. Blech.