See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Blog No Evil

For the last few weeks, running around in my head, and stopping briefly to gnaw at my brain, has been a tiny little question. Are the Queen B and her clan deserving of a place on my blog?

Who are they? You might ask. Well, all I will say at this point is that around five years ago, I solemnly swore to love, honor and respect a member of their family for the rest of my life. After which the clans seriously parted and traveled long distances in their minds, to each reach their emotional comfort zones of estrangement. It's their most comfortable form of living, so don't judge them (honestly, don't do it, because I've done everyone's share of judging in the last five years).

For years now I've successfully managed to honor the clan's unspoken rule of must-keep-distance-at-all-costs. They however take it one step further with Must-also-stick-our-collective-noses-as-far-up-the-distant-clan's-business-as-we-possibly-can. I love that it gives me so much writing material, all of which so far has stayed firmly in the far recesses of my mind. I would attempt to put it all in a book, but I'm afraid it would become an international bestseller, make me into a billionaire like J.K. Rowling (maybe bigger and better, because my book would be reality which seems like fantasy), and probably cause many daughters-in-law to commit murder, and wipe out the crap ass MIL population of this world, leaving behind only the nice MILs who would insist everyone in the family call their DILs "Your Majesty"

If you're wondering when I'm going to get to the point, I'm not. There is no point, and with the outlaws, I don't think there ever could be one. Just mindless babble about mindless stuff in a halfway decent babbly way. One day (soon) I'll just go bat shit crazy and tell you what I really think of them... specially the Queen B.


Anonymous said...

(I'ts Becky from TS-I'm not anonymous, I just couldn't be bothered to set up an account today.)

True story-the lady who does my colonics uses coffee first, before the water. Honest! Works a treat. :D

(I am the estranged family half of our relationship. Difference being, I dodge the phone calls and FB messages and he's forever saying "She's your MOOOOMMMMM, maybe you should just talk to her!". What he doesn't realize is that she is insane.)

marymac said...

ooh! ooh! want to hear about Queen B! want to hear about Queen B!

lol thanks for adding Pajamas & Coffee to your blogroll- you are now in a primo spot (gotta love the alphabet!) on my blog as well!