OCD - My Life Partner

My husband takes second place to this one, and I feel he will always have to. I have no idea where I get it, tried to research it, but then my three ring binder (color coded and indexed alphabetically) got too full of "How to Recognize Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" lists and what not, so I had to burn it and resign myself to the truth that there is no hope for me. I can generally manage to contain it, specially after four plus years with twins. Now, I pick up toys and arrange them by type and size on the shelves after the kids are down for the night, I do laundry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9am exactly (when they're in school). So, it's under control. Ah... control, the story of my life!

Anyway, so my OCD has now apparently decided it hates my blog skin. So, I've been trying to fix it and make it perfect, but it's not perfect yet... at least O doesn't think so. Thankfully, there are some wonderful designers out there who give away their layouts for free, so I'm looking. I even have a system, where I check into their sites and browse through each category for about ten minutes each, and after I've downloaded about five or six layouts, I try them out. It's all planned and perfect, but not perfectly perfect.... Yet!