After the usual pre bedtime bath, I reminded them to put all their bath toys back in the shelves. They happily did that, and as usual said good night to each toy individually. Which means that each toy got a hug, a kiss, another hug and a whisper or two. Can you picture that? Sweet huh? Now picture two kids taking turns doing that! The last time I timed them, they were much younger, and it took about 15 to 17 minutes, but they're older now, and wiser to mommy's end of the day lack of patience, so it's just takes about 5-10 minutes these days. ;)

H came out of the bathroom and B followed her, then he sighed really loud and announced "It's so
hard to say goodbye." To which his sister replied (naturally also with a loud sigh of her own) "Yes, I only like to say hello, goodbye makes me sad." Another sigh.. well, because it's H being H.

Are they watching movies from the 50's that I don't know about?


Dette said...

Awww... that is too cute! Just melts your heart. :)

mrs.izzy said...