Moments Like This!

As I was tucking them into bed a little while ago, B requested a song (as usual). I asked which one he wanted me to sing, and he said 'Little Einsteins'. So I sang the song... Yes I know the whole thing, and what's more... I know all the songs from all their favorite TV programs, and I may or may not be guilty of singing those songs while I do some laundry, or shower. LOL

After the song, I kissed him and said goodnight... he put his arms around my neck and said "Thank you mommy, you sing the best songs, and you're my favorite mommy in the whole wide world... I love you the most."

Definitely goes down as one of my best "mommy moments."


mrs.izzy said...

I get moments like this too. Aren't they lovely? Just in time for Mother's Day, too.

we're going on a trip, on a little rocket ship... LOL