A Serious Discussion!

B: Why do I have to wear underpants?
Me: Because you're a big boy now
B: Why am I a big boy now?
Me: Um because you're not a baby anymore
B: How did I become a big boy Mommy?
Me: You ate and drank lots of healthy things
B: Not like mice?
Me: (huh?) No not like Mice
B: Why am I a big boy... will I get bigger?
Me: Yes you will, you'll grow into a big boy
Haydn: Will he grow into a pumpkin?
Me: Um no, not a pumpkin
B: A melon?
Me: No
H: An apple?
Me: No fruits.... or vegetables
H: Animals mommy?
Me: I hope not (snickering)
B: That's boring
H: Yeah mommy, that's boring... I want B to be a pumpkin
Me: Why?
H: Because I'm Cinderella
Me: (a laugh)
B: I can't be your pumpkin, I'm your brother
H: Mommy can I have another brother like a pumpkin?
B: No.. mommy will buy us a puppy
H: Really?
B: Yeah
H: I like puppies
B: Me too


MommyMoments said...

They are just too darn cute girl!!! They are such great siblings! So... do they get their sense of humor from you or Jude? I know where they get their good looks :)

Anne said...

Aww thanks (blush). I think the sense of humor comes from both of us too... we may not show it, but we like to laugh. (Snicker)