H: Mommy, can we have a new baby?
Me: Um why?
H: Because I want one
Of course, because everything is just that simple
Me: Would you like a new doll?
Notice my feeble attempt to change the course of this discussion
H: No mommy, not a doll (wrinkles her nose in disgust) a REAL baby
Me: Why do you want a baby?
H: Because I like babies
Me: That's nice
H: So can you buy me one?
Me: You can't buy babies sweetie
H: Oh.....
I pause to take a deep breath, because like it or not I know it's coming.......... BHAM
H: Where do babies come from?
Me: From mommies tummies
H: (Puzzled look) How do they get there?
Please, not this from my three year old, not now, not for another decade!
Me: Well.........
B: Hey, watcha guys doing?
H: We can't buy a new baby, mommy has to put one in her tummy
B: Oh... Can I watch some TV mommy?
Me: Sure son
B: Let's go H
H: Ok... bye Mommy
Me: Bye sweetie
Thank you my son.


MommyMoments said...

Umm. yeah... umm... looking for the words... Wow.. Yeah.. she's a little young to be thinking along those lines... so... ever thought that hard about telling her about the stork??? LOL

Good Save by B!!!

Anne said...

Stork? You do realize this is H asking the questions right? She'd rip the stork story to bits in a minute. LOL

mrs.izzy said...

that's cute!! Gotta love who they think.

My 3 year old son asked me the same thing a while back. He said he needs new sisters because the twins are getting old.