Mommy Confession: I Hired a Maid

And, being a stay at home mom, that tops the list of being a lazy slob doesn't it? I mean aside from the bon bons I spent years eating, while I watched soaps on TV and ignored my children, I wasn't satisfied with my laziness. No, I had to go and hire a maid to clean my house. I'm a terrible human being! This wasn't an easy decision to reach, and I spent many months contemplating whether getting some help would be a good idea or not. Then of course, I asked myself the questions which needed to be asked, and now you can sit back and picture me having a discussion with myself, while I lay in bed exhausted one night a few weeks ago.

Do you need help?
Probably not.
Are you tired?
Hell yes!
Do you accept defeat that it's all becoming impossible to handle yourself?
Can you make up your damn mind?
Fine! I'll hire someone to take over my house and my life, maybe she can also be J's second wife.
Stop being so melodramatic, and stop rhyming words ffs!
I'm not hiring help, because I'm not a working mother
Oh please! Think of long coffee mornings and true peace.
Good girl!
I'll give it a one month trial.
Pain in the ass!

So, now I have a maid, who is not a child, or even a teenager, or even a young adult, but neither is she old. And, I still do the laundry. Don't ask why, because it has something to do with a temporarily faulty machine which the maid cannot handle. No, I don't want any big wig company gifting me a spanking new washing machine. Oh wait, why would they care? I'm not a millionaire blogger. **snicker**

Anyway, so much for quiet, peaceful coffee mornings. Not that it's not fun, I really don't have much to do after the natives leave the house. Of course, the hour and a half before they all leave is enough to drain half my energy. But, overall I'm in a much better mood when the kids come home, have more energy to spend time with them doing kid stuff, help with homework, and cook their favorite meals. I could get addicted to this fancy life.

Or, I could get a job.

Which is another thing I have time for now. Seriously, I actually have time to job hunt, but I sit here writing something which is not job related at all. Judge me all you want, but I earned this vacation. I have twins you know, with no maid, no help, no babysitter, nothing for five years. Five! If you think it's not that bad, may you be "blessed" with twinfants and no assistance. That's all I'm going to say about that. Don't knock the SAHM lifestyle until you've tried it my friends. It's not as easy as we make it look! And, no I am NOT, repeat NOT saying working mothers are horrible parents and have it easy, so please let's not make it about that. Besides, the term "working mother" is redundant isn't it?

Daddies be quiet, this is not about you.

It's about me.

And, my maid.

She's working out really well surprisingly. And, I don't even have to stalk her and insist she do this or that, and anyone living in PK will appreciate what I'm saying. In fact, if I tell them she actually thinks for herself and sticks to a schedule, they might want to steal her from me, and keep her in a glass case in their living room, so they can pay her homage.

Life is good with her around (by good, I mean easier) and I truly am enjoying the break, working on long forgotten projects I planned but never had time for.

Like hour long showers.

Moral of the story: Don't be ashamed to get some domestic help, even if you're a stay at home mom.



Niftywriter said...

Hear hear!

I hired a cleaning service from my hospital bed when I was on bedrest for the twins. I couldn't imagine asking the people who were caring for my other 3 young children to either do it or live with the inevitable mess of a family home! When I got out of hospital 3 months later, I was about to let the service go, but my husband said to me, why would you do that? You thought housecleaning was too much for other people with 3 children to look after, but you think it is OK for you with newborn twins?
He had a very good point!
I never looked back. :D

Enjoy having the cleaning done and being able to take a little time to think about what else you might like to be doing when the children and J are otherwise occupied. You've earned it!

diego_474273430 said...

It's really about sharing the wealth. You are doing your part by giving someone a job. And I'm sure you are a good boss, so it's a good job. (oh and I'm not Diego, that's some stupid guy who forgot to log out of his google account in a Mexican internet cafe.)