The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly!

Hmm, thinking, and some more thinking, attempting to brainstorm for fresh and interesting topics I can blog about... Coming up with nothing all frickin week!

I'm pathetic.

I suppose everyone is well past the whole Yippeee it's 2010, let's make resolutions we'll forget about next week. Thank goodness it's over, because I got so sick of listening to people go on and on about diet and exercise (that tops the list every year doesn't it?), putting the past behind them, saving more money, taking out more "me" time blah blah blah. No one mentions enjoying sex more, or anything fun...

Like selling the kids.

Can you tell I'm not in the greatest of moods? Well, that's because I'm tired. It's been non-stop chaos in our house since a week before Christmas. Everyone was home (that alone increases my stress levels to epic proportions by day 3), everything needed to be done, people visited and stayed long past their welcome, the kids got way too many toys, it rained cardboard boxes and batteries all over my living room, while their room's floor vanished under an avalanche of toys. The laundry pile kept increasing, no matter how much I grabbed from it, and threw into the wash machine, often without any detergent or water, because I was trying to hide the excess clothes in there, and fully planning to burn wash them in the new year. And, I got tired of all that before the year ended.

Then, 2010 came along and, my already quite grumpy and tired self logged on to Facebook for some nice rest and relaxation, some new year wishes, some Bejeweled Blitz. But, I ended up getting cyber assaulted by some psychotic loon instead. Who also happens to be an old friend... Now former. Very former! So former in fact, that if I turned around, and looked behind me through a telescope, I would not be able to spot them. Yes, it was that bad, and I'm glad it's over. Good riddance and all that, because seriously, some people are just plain fucked up.

This attack was a surprise, although not a big one. I detected some weird behavior over the course of 2009, and expected this person to spontaneously combust at some point. Did not expect that to happen all over my computer monitor. And, I honestly didn't know what to do when it happened... Well, because for one, my nice screen got all messed up with the combustion, and second of all... It was the frickin holiday season for the love of sanity! People tend to enjoy the holidays, with family events, parties, fun, alcohol. Not indulge in bat shit crazy drama, with a side of crap, and vomit for dessert.

On New Year's Eve!

WTF? Who, pray tell me decides to let loose their pent up anger on new year's eve? In an email? At midnight? Thank goodness the internet on my phone sucked so I didn't see the crap till Jan 2nd. But, come on... New Year's Eve? (How many times did I say that?) A time for fun? Drinks? Fun? (OK, OK, some people sleep through it, and they're not losers) But, why would someone, anyone not want to smooch the hell out of their significant other at midnight on New Year's Eve, if they're awake? Why would they be on the internet creating drama, and blasting off hate mail all over the place? It's madness! It's pathetic! It's sad!

It's blog fodder*

So, anyway... We've reached the end of week one of the new year, and I'm already up to my pupils in schedules, routines, homework, laundry (still planning the bonfire since my motto of "A load a day, keeps heaps away" went to hell in a laundry basket.) And, am not ashamed to admit that I was relieved when everyone left the house early Monday morning, back to their regular routines of school, work and general out of the houseness. After they left, I locked the door and wept.

Tears of joy!

Happy New Year everyone... Have a great 2010.

*Stolen from my good friend @marymac, because she's so good with the words.



Lee said...

My friend! I must know what they said. What assholes! So you get an email that says 'You are evil' and 'Happy New Year' in one shot? Nice. My mother (and this explains why I am who I am) has this thing she says in Spanish that basically translates into something vulgar (fuck em' and they can suck it and other things). So proud. Happy New Year!