Our New Digs!

The last couple of weeks have been nothing but a whirlwind of activity, while we packed up our stuff and moved into our new home. Good Lord! What a boring start to a blog post. Let me try again.

Moving can be a royal fucking pain in the ass!

When one has OCD!


Anyway, quick history. We were looking out for another place for a while now, and finally came across something which suited us well. However, since we're Pakistani and all, what suits us might not be considered acceptable for most people. Yes, I mean you western types. You should know that in Pakistan, everyone lives in huts.

Yes, huts!

We razed everything the British built for us after they left.

Who needs fantastic architecture right?

Contrary to what people in the west get to see on the news, Pakistan is a typical third world country, and we are poor. Dirt poor. So poor in fact, that only the very rich among us can afford to bake bricks to lay as walls for their homes. The rest of us poor folk settle for thatched roofs and bamboo walls, straw or mud flooring, and four foot holes in the ground which serve as our toilets.

But, we have wireless internet!

I get so tired of people constantly thinking we Pakistanis are a modern country. Tired of them thinking we have cable television, cars, fine dining restaurants and educational institutions. Tired of them thinking some of us actually wear western clothes, shop at malls and ***gasp*** speak English! So, I'll take this moment to give credit to my Mexican born English translator, without whom I could never blog, or sign my name. She's the "Press 1 for English" kind in case you were wondering.

Her family who have lived in America for a decade still press '2.'

So, our new house. It's fantastic, and since words cannot do it enough justice, I asked a British tourist to take a picture of it for everyone to see. In exchange I gave him some flat bread which was supposed to be my kids' dinner.

Isn't it awesome?

We're ordering our furniture from Pottery Barn!

Pictures of the interior coming soon! Have a good weekend everyone!



Debi said...

It's LOVELY! I'm very impressed with the roof design and the nicely squared window. But, I must know... Did it come with a 100% genuine dirt floor? Or is it that cheap "Dirtesque" imitation dirt?

Kelly said...

Love your hut Anne! Can't wait to see it all decked out in Pottery Barn!

Sweetpea said...

That looks perfect for you guys; such a step up in the world! How many miles does H have to walk to fetch your water?

Caba said...

OMG! It's a total step up for your last hut, isn't it? Just perfect I think ...

Laurie - Manic Motherhood said...

I had heard about Pottery Barn's new "hut" collection. Stunning! Be sure to post pics ;)

Karen said...

Hope you've installed the air conditioning!

Melissa Sue said...

WIFI? sooo jealous, I need to start hut hunting.