Caffeinated Confessions

Getting right to it.

1. The kids went back to school this week and, I don't know who was happier, them or me.

2. The weather has been great, all cloudy and pleasant. Yet, I want to scream when I hear
people wishing for rain.

3. I've decided to throw out most of the stuff from my closet.

4. And, buy myself a new designer wardrobe.

5. But, I'll settle for off-the-rack stuff.

6. I think Kirk Cameron is still mentally in middle school, with the whole I want to tell the
world, I won't kiss anyone but my wife thing.

7. Some people don't get why I roll my eyes at crap like this.

8. I roll my eyes at them and then laugh.

9. My kids have decided to help me plan their birthday party in November.

10. I don't appreciate them barging into my territory, and told them so.

11. My daughter refused to give in and let me plan it by myself.

12. I threatened to sell her to a sweat shop.

13. It didn't work.

14. So, I told her there would be no party.

15. She laughed.

16. I went out to a girls night thing last Saturday, then told everyone who would listen about

17. Apparently, it's not a big deal, because "Women do these types of things" and I don't do it

18. I really should.

19. I have nothing else to confess.

20. I'm pathetic, I know.



Mesina said...

I love this, now I'm thinking about what would be on my confession list! Your blog is lovely, I look forward to rummaging through to see what awaits me. I promise I'll be a good guest and leave it all tidy.
♥ Mesina

marymac over at Pajamas and Coffee said...

well hey fellow caffeiner. how;d you manage to get the kids back to school so soon?? LUCKY!!!