Quote, Unquote!

Part of the conversations I've had with people I've then wanted to bitchslap!

"Let's say I donate towards some flood relief organization, I will have no clue as to whether my donation is actually being used, or lining someone's pockets. So, I'm donating nothing."

"I'm confirming my order, and will send my driver to pick it up. I will send the payment in an envelop, but please don't count the money in front of him, as it's more than triple his monthly salary, and I don't want him to think I can afford to pay him more than I already am. Or that I'm being wasteful while most of the country is suffering."

"You're right, this flood business is such a tragedy, we really should do more... But, I'm so tied up with Eid, and then after that I have a few shaadis in the family. Tsk, I really don't know how I'll find the time to do anything else." 

"My heart is broken watching the news, I feel so bad for those poor people, so this year we did not celebrate Eid like we usually do. I only made six joras, and sent just two each to my sisters in law, in America."

"I donated some of my children's old clothes to the church, what else can I do? Donate money? Not to those crooks!"

"What will happen is, the flood victims will pour into Karachi, and end up begging on the streets, and who's money will they receive on the streets? Ours! So what's the point in donating?"

"We just returned from Dubai where we spent Eid, so we're a little low on cash, I'll probably donate something next month, since I have both my kids' birthday parties to host in September, and you know how much those cost!"

You can't make this shit up folks!



poet said...

wow...just wow.

karachi feminist said...

amazing!! nice and telling collection. you need a "no comment"/ "enough said" section!

Alpha Za said...

try this.

"We can't afford to give, you never know where the prices of foodstuff will go!"

The person who made this statement drives a Prado.

Utopian said...

This collection reflects the overall attitude of our society. But being an optimistic I am gonna point out to a brighter side. I know a bunch of people who arranged goods for flood victims and went to the affected areas just to make sure that their donations reach to the people who deserved it most. And this group I am talking about consists of ordinary persons like us not an NGO. I had wanted it so bad to write about them on my blog but they didn't want their naiki to be wasted.
Moral: " if you want to do something you don't make lame excuses, you'll simply do it.