Is it Wrong?

That every time my kids talk about stuff they're going to do when they grow up, like get married (their newest favorite thing to talk about) or become three or more of the six hundred things they want to be when they're older, or back talk adults because now they're kids and have to be "prespectful" (respectful) and "all that stuff grown ups think is how kids should be" ***insert gagging noises*** I remind them that it can happen only if they go to college first?

B was talking to the neighbor the other day, and she asked that typical adult to child question. "So what do you want to be when you grow up?" His standard response this month has been "A ROCK STAR." Up till last month, he wanted to be a red sports car, and the month before, a red dragon. This kid is obsessed with the color red, and I swear his TV time is limited. So, she's just about to alter the look of amusement on her face, (what would she have thought, had he told her her wanted to be a computer game and live in a monitor?) when he follows with "But, I have to go to Rock College first." She: Do you mean music school? He: No, Rock College is where rockers go to learn all about becoming Rock Stars.... You can't do anything in life if you don't go to college you know............ My mom says so."

He sounded like a parrot. His eyes took on a glassy look. How often do I say those words to my five year olds? How much am I brainwashing my kids? And, do they know when I say college, I really mean therapy?

Because, that's what J and I are saving for.



idontmindPDX said...

Of course it's not wrong. I grew up under the assumption that I would attend college. There was never any question. My son will grow up under the same assumption.

If you don't set standards, they can't live up to them. The truth is, most kids who learn to "love to learn" can succeed in college, even if they are average students. Learning to "love to learn" is what is important -- college will be a natural progression.

This is one area where instilling expectations is not harmful. Freedom to do what you want in life is not hindered by an education; in fact being educated probably enriches ones life in many ways we don't recognize.

tryingtosurviveitall said...

I tell my daughter all the time that she has to go to college and get her PHD before she can become a mommy. That's the rule. I hope she does find out I don't have mine anytime soon. How am I going to explain my breaking the "rule".