The Doctor!

B: Hello little girl, are you ill?
H: Yes doctor, I have a headache and three fevers
B: (Pops the thermometer into her mouth) OK, let me check your temperament and if you have a heart
B: You have one fever, it's bad
H: Oh No! What medicine will you give me?
B: Green, red and yellow medicine for one hundred days
H: That's good, I like red
B: I found your heart, it's beating
B: And now young lady (picks up the syringe) be brave... it's time for your projection!


Michelle said...

OMG Anne .. they are precious !

Mommy Brain said...

OMG.. that was just too funny!! They are so cute!!!

Steph said...

LOL they are just too funny!! So sweet!!

mrs.izzy said...

Hilarious! I love it!

Caba said...

That's fantastic! I love that ...