Ode to a Dead Pigeon!

H: Look B, a dead pigeon!
B: It's dead
H: It's dead
B: Yeah, it died.... it's dead
H: It died?
B: Yes, it died, dead
H: So it's dead
B: Dead
H: Dead
B: Mommy can we go to the play park?


MommyBrainReports said...

LMAO that is too funny... Had their attention for a little while though... but the park was calling to them LOL

Steph said...

LMAO! That is way too funny! Sounds like my girls with repeating everything over and over...

mammadawg.com said...

LOL - classic!!

BTW - I'm adding you to the Mom Bloggerhood! I'm closing Dance of Motherhood and moved to MammaDawg - hope to see you around :)


Caba said...

Well, sounds like the park is WAY better than a dead bird. Can't say I don't agree with them!