So Far This Summer

We've only managed to get hit with illness and have spent most of our time indoors. It started with J coming down with a throat infection his first day home (maybe he's allergic to vacation). So he was down for a week or so, and just when he started to get better, Seek and Destroy came down with the same thing. Ugh! Such bad coughs and their fever just wouldn't break. With all my three babies on antibiotics, I was going crazy. Thankfully they started getting better and then it was my turn. Even Fathers Day came and went with barely a celebration. Horrible, Horrible stuff!! We're all better now and the nasty coughs are gone, so we're slowly venturing out a little.

We headed to the beach late Sunday afternoon and spent a good two hours there, then off we went to grandma's to drop off the kids for the night. J and I enjoyed our sleep in Monday.

Today, the kids and I were alone for the most part and had a blast just playing. I ignored all the housework and we had such a blast!!

Well, J is nearly done mixing some margaritas so I'm off to enjoy a relaxing evening with him!!

We have a ton of plans for the remainder of the summer, so more updates as we go along.


Caba said...

Nothing stinks more than a house full of sickness! I'm glad to hear that everyone is on the mend ... it just stinks that it happened right when J was starting vacation!

TKHudson said...

I'm jealous that you live near the beach. My husband and I are from Pismo beach, CA, but decided to move to Tucson, AZ when we could barely pay our rent. I found that I actually love the weather here, and the sunsets are beautiful. The Sonoran desert is very lush, and it's gorgeous to see a red sunset that spans for MILES into the open sky, with the silhouette of a saguaro in view, but I miss the ocean. It was cold, it was foggy, but it's what I miss.